Graham Caswell: Writing, blogging and campaigning.
Looking down on an unstable, unequal, and unsustainable world

We’re running out of time. Across the western world hundreds of millions of people are crushed between low, stagnant and insecure incomes on one hand, and rising unavoidable core costs (especially housing) on the other. Market demand remains slack and economic growth weak. Economic clouds are gathering, and many credible analysts predict another financial crash, equal or worse to the 2008 fiasco. Meanwhile climate scientists are alarmed at the acceleration of global warming and its affects, and unanimously and consistently warn of catastrophe if we allow our vast carbon emissions to continue much longer.

These issues are big issues, and must be thought about in the aggregate and expressed in numbers, graphs and patterns. It can be very easy to forget that these serious, international and unsustainable problems have actual vast human consequences as well. What do you do when your entire family relies on the produce of your small farm when the rains fail? What do you do when your workplace moves offshore and you’re left with few transferable skills, competing with younger workers and immigrants willing to work harder for less? What do you do when you can’t sleep at night worrying about whether you’ll get enough hours this month? Or if you’re an Uber driver and you get sick.

The problems of debt, incomes and climate change are not just theoretical problems played out in the realm of graphs and statistics. To a large and growing number of people, they are very, very real.

My name is Graham Caswell, and this website and blog are part of my response to these issues, and part of my contribution to the discussion about them. I hope you find something of value here, and that you are encouraged to take some action.

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