Graham Caswell
His name is Toby

My path to thinking and communicating about political, economic and business ideas and narrative has not been a conventional one. Essentially this my fifth career following time spent bartending, teaching, entrepreneuring and delivering yachts around Europe and the North Atlantic. Along the way I’ve worked in media, politics, corporations and academia and have founded and participated in a wide variety of non-profit causes and enterprises.

My full resume/CV is available on Linkedin and you can find a personal (and lengthy!) narrative of the development of my thinking and focus here. An overview of my current activities can be found on my blog and you can even find out what I’m currently reading or thinking about on Twitter! I believe in working out loud and open networking and I welcome constructive input, advice and collaborators.

I live beside the sea in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please get in touch!