Thank you for visiting my website and blog. I’m a 50-something Canadian-Irish man living by the sea in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. I like walking the dogs.

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My background is varied (you can find details on my Linkedin profile), but two experiences stand out. The first was that I lived in Sierra Leone for two years while it was the poorest country in the world (according to the UNDP), and while it was in the early years of a horrific civil war. My time there gave me a hatred of poverty, of lost opportunity, of lack of equality and of the wholesale waste of human potential.

The second experience that has significantly informed my perspective is my time as a tech startup founder, which gave me a practical understanding of and appreciation for the power, innovation and magic of the global free market. Although I was very far from being a significant competitor to anyone, I participated enough to understand what the market does for us, and what it takes to compete. I love the freedom of the market, and what that freedom makes possible.

I suppose I could be therefore be described as a ‘free-market socialist’, although I’d prefer the term ‘Equitable Capitalist’! I’m also a strong libertarian who believes that economic freedom can exist alongside economic security. My deepest political values would be freedom, equality, sustainability and universal security (which are the same thing). I believe deeply that we are together, us 7.5 billion human souls on this small rock, that we control our own destiny, both as individuals and together, and that we must leave no one behind. On the Political Compass – more nuanced than the traditional left-right spectrum – I would lie well within the bottom left quadrant of left-libertarian.

I’ve always been curious, have always read widely, have always looked for the big picture, have always enjoyed serious discussion, and have almost always followed my passion. Today, with our economic and political news and discourse filled with financial instability, economic dysfunction, low and insecure incomes, inequality and rising global political (and indeed actual) temperatures, my passion is what I call ‘Equitable Capitalism‘, a combination of the policies of People’s QE, a Basic Income and Fee & Dividend in response to Debt, Income and Environment problems.

I’m currently writing a book about these issues and about Equitable Capitalism. I’ll also be posting here as time and inspiration permit, as well as occasionally posting on Facebook and regularly feeding my Twitter addiction. Most of my posts and tweets will concern Equitable Capitalism, its three core policies and the problems that make it necessary, but I’ll occasionally digress into other topics that strike my interest.

I invite you to follow me! Thank you for your time and for your attention.

Graham Caswell