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Graham CaswellI’m actively seeking consulting, freelance, contract, casual, employment or other work related to organisational change, particularly in the direction of sustainability or social responsibility.

I currently live near Dublin, Ireland and am also available remotely, including for a no-strings, casual chat by Zoom, Skype or phone to see if I might add value to your process, project or organisation.

You can find my full resume/CV on Linkedin and there’s an overview of my current activities on my blog. I believe in open networking, so even if you’re not looking for help right now please follow me on Twitter, connect on Linkedin or get in touch.

If you’re working towards sustainable and socially responsible change and are looking for informed, original and focused help with a strategy, report, campaign or other project, I may be able to help.

Areas of Focus

– Technology, disruption and change.
– Sustainability and social responsibility.
– Psychology, society, economics, media and politics.
– Perspective, communication and narrative.
– Carbon pricing.


– Grounded, coherent and highly original perspective.
– Systems thinker with iterative process.
– Deep and extensive international experience and global outlook.
– Problem-solving attitude with lean, agile approach.
– Excellent soft and interpersonal skills, including teamwork, mediation and leadership.

Core Skills

– Learning lots quickly.
– Playing with highly abstract models, ideas, frameworks and perspectives.
– Researching, organising, writing, editing, formatting and presenting.
– Loyal, fun, friendly, discrete and enthusiastic team player.


– Deep and extensive international experience in both the developed and developing worlds.
– Corporate experience in telephone customer support, network administration, startup entrepreneurship and management.
– Academic experience as an instructor and lecturer of academic English at universities in China, Canada and Sierra Leone.
– Media experience as a news website publisher, radio speaker, political PR agent and alternative media founder.
– Political experience in national politics (Green Party) and in lobbying for a wide variety of campaigns.
– Experience in professional online marketing and communication for small businesses, organisations and groups.
– Host and hospitality experience as a bar tender and bar manager.

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