Thank you for considering supporting my work by sponsoring me with a one-off donation. To put into perspective what I will be spending your valuable money on, here are some of my current and upcoming costs:

$20/€18: Domain name registration for a year, or mobile phone bill for a month (Ireland only)
$50/€45: Website hosting for 3 months, or broadband for a month.
$100/€90: Microphone for podcasting.
$200/€180: Smartphone.
$400/360: Video Camera, or video lights, software and other production requirements.
$600/€540: New Laptop to replace my slow WindowsXP box, or a conference visit to mainland Europe.

Other expenses include books, software, subscriptions, travel and, of course, routine housing and living expenses.

I promise that I will not waste your money and that it will make a real and positive difference to my work. You can donate whatever amount you like using the button below. Thank you very, very much.


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