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One of the many reasons I’m campaigning for a Basic Income is that much of the most important work that can be done is unpaid work. Bringing up children is unpaid work; looking after elderly parents is unpaid work; starting a business is unpaid work; contributing to your community is unpaid work. In fact, much of the work that makes work possible is not paid.

Some influencers are very well paid and very well resourced.

Much campaigning, advocacy, education, awareness raising, lobbying and politics is also unpaid work. Many of those who seek to change the world for the better are not motivated by money, and are usually not rewarded by it either. They are often starved of resources to magnify their message or to live free of distractions. What’s worse, such activists are often up against substantial resistance to change from financial, political and institutional inertia, and from vested interests – insiders – who are usually very well paid and very well resourced.

It is in this context that I am asking you for your support. If you agree with the ideas, vision and agenda expressed on this site, and if you would like to see this message propagated as widely as possible, then I ask for your help. You can help me in a number of ways:

(1) Follow Me: Follow my blog or follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Not only does this let you stay in touch, but your following boosts my credibility (and confidence!) and shows that I’m not alone in thinking this way. It’s a connection.

(2) Share Me: Link to me, tweet me, retweet me, forward me, print me out and show me, and otherwise circulate my writing and other material along these lines among your network and platforms – especially to those thinking along similar lines.

(3) Inform Me: If you are aware of any factual errors I have made, please let me know so that I can apologise and correct them. If you know of any supporting evidence from credible authorities that would support my arguments, and that I may have missed, then please pass them on. And if you are aware of any grants, bursaries, fellowships, sponsorships or any other form of institutional funding that might be relevant to the study and dissemination of these issues, please let me know.

(4) Hire Me: Commission me to write, engage me to speak, hire me to teach or otherwise pay me to communicate about any or all of the problems of Debt, Incomes and Climate Change – and the solutions of People’s QE, a Basic Income and Fee & Dividend. I am well informed, well organised and passionate on these topics and I have previous teaching, speaking, writing and media experience. I’ll even do it for free (although I need my basic expenses covered).

(5) Fund Me: I live a very comfortable and safe life and have many real choices compared to most people in the world, but from the perspective of where I live (Ireland) I’m considered poor. My passion is to write about and otherwise communicate these issues to as wide an audience as possible, and to engage in political discussion and lobbying to help see these solutions taken seriously, discussed widely, studied and tested thoroughly, and implemented responsibly.

My intention is to write and campaign full time, to expand into audio and video, to finish and publish my book, ‘Equitable Capitalism‘, and to strategically campaign internationally for the policies of People’s QE, a Basic Income and Fee & Dividend.

If you think that what I’m doing is valuable, if you have money to spare, and if you’d like to contribute financially to my efforts you can fund my expenses either via a one-off sponsorship of expenses via PayPal or Bitcoin, or through a monthly recurring basis through Patreon. From the point of view of my personal focus and effectiveness, this is the most meaningful way you can help me at this early stage. If you have decided to do so, then thank you.

(6) Join with Me: By far the most important thing you can do to support me is to engage actively yourself in promoting these issues.

  • The vast human fallout of the 2008 financial collapse is still with us and many analysts predict another crash. Only by partly or wholly moving from debt-created money to responsible, independent central bank-created money – by some form of People’s QE – can we stabilise our economy and end austerity.
  • Across the western world low, stagnant and insecure incomes are causing vast human pain and are prompting widespread political rebellions, sometimes led by popular extremists. Only a liveable Basic Income can provide basic needs and security in a world of accelerating automation, globalisation and work disruption.
  • Global temperatures are already flirting with the dangerous 2C threshold, after which climate change could accelerate out of our control. Without real, meaningful and effective action on climate now we are looking at a dystopian future of drought, famine, storms, vast migration, conflict, disintegration and despair. Fee & Dividend is the only politically realistic way to internalise the costs of climate change into the price of carbon and thus align the innovation, power and magic of the market with the survival of our organised global society.

Debt continues to grow unsustainably and another financial collapse could happen at any time, adding further economic and human pain to those people and businesses already suffering. The income stress and insecurity of millions of voters will sooner or later elect an extreme populist who could do great damage. Prolonged droughts and other extreme weather are already affecting the lives of hundreds of millions of people, and this situation could get much, much worse very soon unless we change quickly.

Our situation is grim, our prospects are poor and time is short, and there is nothing more important than resolving these issues. If you think that People’s QE, a Basic Income, and Fee & Dividend represent a solution to the worsening, destabilising and dangerous problems of Debt, Income, and Climate, then please join me and get to work.

Thank you for your support.

Graham Caswell